Modern Bathroom Trends in Toronto

If you’ve been thinking about giving your bathroom a makeover then you’re not alone! Thousands of Torontonians turn to their bathrooms as the first place in their home to get renovations done every year, and that’s not without a good reason. Bathrooms are a special place in any home, where a lot of time is spent getting ready, finding alone time, or even pondering upon life’s greater questions! But what really makes a great bathroom? Is it the color of the walls? The lighting? The shape of the tub? Or perhaps simple decor? Not quite… But let’s find out! Below is a list of 5 trends that we believe are a crucial part of any great bathroom today!

So you’ve decided that it’s time to rip out the old bathroom and redo it all.  Fancy-schmancy style.

Woah! That seems like quite an undertaking! How do you prepare for such a mess? What do you need to prepare ahead of time? How long is it going to take to complete!?

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your Bathroom Remodeling/Renovation project that will save you from unnecessary headache.

How to prepare for a Bathroom Renovation

  • Find an alternative place to shower
  • Clear the path
  • Gather the materials
  • Lay down protective floor coverings
  • Decide on design elements
  • Arrange for garbage disposal
Bathroom Renovations Toronto